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The ball-ends of these 18g conch hoop screw on easily and can be securely fastened to prevent falling off. So i decided to shave it off. Circular Barbell with bee design and crystal stones Gold Plated Surgical Steel 316L / Gold Plated Brass $7.29 (1) Details Circular Barbell with star attachment Surgical Steel 316L/Plated Brass $5.49 Details 1 . Add to Cart. UCBFR3 $3.67.

Genuine Implant grade titanium our classic Neometal circular barbell is able to be used with many different attachments for a custom design we recommend Neometal's side set bezel gems or the timeless classic ball look! Theme. Fake Body Jewellery.

With attention to size, these are great for various ear and lip piercings as well as other piercings. EZOR. This is especially important where the ring goes around part of the body, such as a lip piercing or a helix piercing. WELL MADE The balls fasten tightly but unscrew smoothly making these earring horseshoe easy to use. Teal Lotus Opal Sparkle Filigree Tragus Cartilage Barbell Earring - 1 Piece . 4.5 out of 5 stars (5,167) . An independent body jewellery shop based in Bournemouth, selling online for 20years. 16g. Available Length: from 6mm to 16mm. Your Name. Material: PVD plating over solid titanium (6AL-4V-ELI ASTM F-136) 1,2 mm.

FREE Delivery on your first order shipped by Amazon. Ball size at 1.2 mm: 3.0 mm Ball size at 1.6 mm: 4.0 mm. Purchased item: Helix Piercing, Tragus, Helix Earring, Helix Hoop, Tragus Earring, 14K Gold Filled Helix, Piercing, Opal Hoop, Forward Helix. Horseshoe / Twist 16g Tiny 1/4" (6mm) Horseshoe Ring, 316L Surgical Steel, Septum Tragus Cartilage Earrings Circular Barbell $ 5.90 hot ! Helix Piercing Jewellery - Earrings, Rings, Earstuds & Barbells. Circular Barbell with Balls Surgical Steel 316L/Acrylic $1.69. Build Your Own . Horse Shoe Barbell Circular Barbell Captive Ball closure Surgical Steel body jewellery lip piercing spiked septum spiked captive septum . Free delivery on eligible orders of 20 or more. Starting At: $1.35. Gauge : 1,2mm (16ga) Spike diameter : 3mm (0,197in) Diameters : 6mm (0,236in)/7mm (0,276in)/8mm (0,315in)/10mm (0,394in) SKU : HELIX-FER-P-WG-1-2. Available in several colours. Free delivery on eligible orders of 20 or more. Externally Threaded 316L Surgical Steel Circular Barbell. 16g - 14g. Blackline Titanium Ion Plated Circular Barbell with Cones.

This bulk lot pack set contains 4 x 18 gauge septum horseshoe Black Diamond Round Bezel 14K Gold Circular Barbell. With a thickness of 16 g (1.2 mm) It is mainly used as eyebrow piercing or lip piercing and with a thickness of 14 g (1.6 mm) it is used as nipple . Choose from surgical steel, titanium, black steel, and rose gold circular barbells and ball captive ring lobe and helix piercing jewellery. Circular Barbell with Cones Surgical Steel 316L/Acrylic $2.19. This circular barbell made of silicone is available in various gauges and colours. Material Thickness (mm) Diameter (mm) Ball (mm) Clear: Quantity Qty . $11. 316L SURGICAL STEEL. Black Pvd Coated Titanium Circular Barbell. Piercing. . Circular Barbell Pin Titanium $1.29. Spare Parts & Balls. ALL JEWELLERY 16g Surgical Steel Circular $ 10 . 1pc Implant Grade Titanium Horseshoe Circular Barbell Septum Helix Ear Cartilage Eyebrow Ring. Order Circular Barbell (Surgical Steel 316L) from the category Circular Barbells online, now. 99. Circular barbells. Circular barbells are like segment rings which are not completly closed. Filter Style Material Thickness Material Colours View products. This is the classic circular barbell made of 316L surgical steel but in matte black. MICRO CIRCULAR BARBELL. Curved barbells come in a convenient variety of sizes to suit many body types or piercing locations. Barbell style piercing jewelry is composed of a straight bar with a bead on each end, one or both beads unscrewable for removal and/or changing of the beads. Size options . They'll fit your septum, lip, ear, belly button and about anywhere else - a circular in silver or rose gold is never ever a wrong choice.

Curved barbells come in a convenient variety of sizes to suit many body types or piercing locations. This Stainless Steel Circular Barbell is made from 316L Stainless Steel. Daith, Circular Barbell, koper/rozegoud geanodiseerd met amethist klemballetje. Quick View. Images Send. Get it Wednesday . Shop 4Pcs 16g Horseshoe Circular Barbell Anti Forword Helix Rook Pinna Rim Cartilage Eyebrow Ear Lobe Lip Daith Tragus Bridge BWAE. Barbells Curved barbells Dangly helix earrings Helix chain earrings Dangly tragus earrings Hoops Heart rings Spirals and circular barbells Screw-on accessories - 1.2mm gauge Screw-in accessories - 1.2mm gauge Threadless/push-fit accessories Clip-in accessories and charms Cartilage earring spares. Circular Barbell with Balls Surgical Steel 316L/Acrylic $1.69. R 107. Sizes / gauges start at 16G and go up to 00G. The circular barbell is a very modern piece of body jewelry with a history dating back just to the late eighties. 222 Item(s) See all new items! Cultured Pearl 14K Gold Circular Barbell. Helix is doing pretty wel now after 11 months of struggle. 11.99 11. They are available in both 1.2mm and 1.6mm gauges in various internal diameters. Curved or circular barbells are an essential stock item. Again the most common size is 1.2mm (16 gauge), although bigger sizes (wider gauges) are being seen more often nowadays. Circular barbells come in a wide range of gauges, diameters, materials and styles and are suitable for many piercings including Lip piercings, Eyebrow piercings, Tragus piercings, Rim Piercing, Helix piercing, Belly piercings, Nipple piercings and Genital piercing You can also customise any Circular barbells with our our Attachments. 4mm Diamond Pave Balls 14K Gold Circular Barbell. 316L Surgical Steel Tragus Ring with Press Fitted Cubic Zirconia Ball Cartilage Barbell Earring - 1 Piece $6.97. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. 99. 16g Black Circular Barbell $ 15.00. $1,070. Fake Belly Rings.

unless your nose is super . Add to cart. Also available with cones, in Black Steel or other metals. The circular barbell piercing jewellery can be used for septum, cartilage, helix, tragus, lobe, daith, lip, smiley, eyebrow, navel, and nipple piercings. Voorwaartse Helix, Flower met Sky Blue opal petals en White opal center van Industrial Strength. Fake Ear Stretching Plugs. $115.

Free shipping from $35.00 - Find the online piercing shop here High polished titanium . Suitable for healed piercings only. CBEB $0.24. Horseshoe / Twist 16g 1/4 (6mm), 5/16 (8mm), 3/8 (10mm) Black Gold Ball 316L Surgical Steel twist Spiral Ring Circular Barbell / twist barbell earring / Lip piercing . $2.49 Add to cart Bestsellers Circular Barbell with Cones and crystal stones Surgical Steel 316L $2.89 Hypoallergenic titanium circular barbells. Lot includes one internally threaded circular barbell in the color selected. Faux Turquoise 14K Gold Circular Barbell. This kind of metal is LIGHT, DURABLE, BIO-COMPATIBLE. Home / HELIX / Page 3. per page. 4.1 out of 5 stars. We use cookies and similar tools that are necessary to enable you to make purchases, to enhance your shopping experiences and to provide our services, as detailed in our Cookie Notice.We also use these cookies to understand how customers use our services (for example, by measuring site visits) so we can make improvements. Note: This barbell is one piece, no detachable ends! 16g (1.2mm) surgical steel eyebrow circular barbell with 2.5mm balls. Select options Show more. 316L Surgical Steel Cartilage Barbell Earring with Solid UV Ball - 1 Piece $4.97.

Ram Head Tragus Helix Cartilage Barbell Earring Ear Lobes - 1 Piece $9.97. Page. Instead of regular Stainless Steel balls, the balls are beautiful, sparkly balls of gems! The Anodized Titanium G23 circular barbell titanium is solid color, long last and safe for your piercing. $ 2.65. Anodized titanium barbell with underlying 316L surgical steel. Sort by latest. start. The 16 gauge has a 3/8" inside diameter and the 14 gauge has a 7/16" inside diameter. . 24K Gold Plated Internally Threaded Circular Barbell. View products.

Large Gauge Jewellery.

As Low As: $0.88. Septum piercing. Faux Turquoise 14K Gold Circular Barbell. Send. $115.00. Titanium Circular Barbells. Available in a variety of materials including PTFE, titanium, surgical steel, zircon steel, zircon titanium, black steel & titanium and sterile titanium. Micro circular barbell in Steel Basicline(r) (surgical stainless steel), available in stem thickness of 1.0mm (18ga) and 1.2mm (16ga) with internal diameters of 7, 10 and 12mm. Labrets . ALL JEWELLERY 16g Rose Gold Circular Barbell $ 15.00. Through the use of steel and classic balls this circular barbell emits an all classic vibe. Circular and curved barbells can be used in a wide variety of piercings such as the nipple, tragus, septum, lip, tongue, eyebrow or intimate regions. From $ 1.25 3 PAIR Value Pack 316L Surgical Steel Circular Barbells Horseshoes. Check our basic but very top quality Circular Barbell in Acrylic, 316L Surgical Steel, 14Kt Gold . Such a lovely and beautiful product - don't wait any longer. 24PCS 16G Horseshoe Septum Rings Stainless Steel Nose Circular Barbells Rings Cartilage Tragus Helix Eyebrow Daith Earring Piercings Body Jewelry Ball and Arrow 8mm/10mm. Please select M Size Guide Material Thickness (mm) 8ga Colour Black Price$2.49 Sterile Product ? Starting At: $0.75. 1. SALAN 5-10 Pieces/set 16g Cute Cat Cartilage Piercing Opal Center Tragus Helix Stud Conch Rings Body Piercing Earring. $13.99. Home; Piercings by type; Ear Piercings; Helix Earrings .

99. Like Captive Bead Ring, Circular Barbell is very versatile; it can be used as ear rings, Septum, belly button ring, nipple rings and much more. Quick View. $16.95. Tragus Ohrpiercing, abschraubbar .

Horse Shoe Barbell Circular Barbell Nose Hoop,Septum,Helix Bar Surgical Steel Body jewellery Lip Piercing Ad by PrettyPleaseGB Ad from shop PrettyPleaseGB PrettyPleaseGB From shop PrettyPleaseGB. Circular Barbell with attachments Gold Plated Surgical Steel 316L / Gold Plated Brass $6.79.

$7.95. View products. Filter by Diameter. 18 carats white gold circular barbell with spikes for cartilage piercing.

Decorated with two balls. 1mm (18g) Parts.

Additional information . piercings. Reviewed by Inactive 18 Sep, 2018. i ordered sizes too small, i'm really not good with measurements but if your shopping for a septum even if you want a tiny one go for 10mm. Nipple piercing. Popular in the nose, curved or .

. As Low As: $0.95. With its full steel look this circular barbell emits that classic, strong look. Circular Barbell is also called Horseshoe Barbell because its shape is very similar to actual horseshoes. Quantity. Fun Fact: The largest ones are perfect Prince Alberts! Basics Cartilage / Helix Industrials Nipple Tongue. By adequately cleaning and sanitising the circular barbell piercing jewelry, you can switch it between various piercings. Sort By. My helix would not heal because my hair would get stuck in it almost everyday. Specs: Gauge: 18g, 16g, 14g, Length 6mm or 8mm Ball Sizes 3mm Both.


U Shaped Ring Note: Not the same as a circular Barbell or Horseshoe U shaped rings can be flipped up in most cases to hide.

Yellow gold helix piercing 1,2mm (16ga) with ball and spike from.

Shop for circular barbells in different sizes, metals, and colors. Additional Information Product Tags The circular barbell (horseshoe ring) is perfect for any piercings including ears, tragus, septum, eyebrows, nipples, and more. Available in your choice of 4 flashy colors! They are named because they resemble the barbells that are used in . 316L Surgical Steel Circular Barbell. Showing "Circular Barbells " BLUE FLEXIBLE CIRCULAR BARBELL R 112. Only $2.50/pc! They come in titanium, surgical steel, black steel, and rose gold materials, with varying lengths. 14g BALLS; 16g BALLS; ALL JEWELLERY . Your Name * Your Email * Recipient's Email * Add A Personal Message : Send To Friend: Categories. Select options Show more. Starting At: $1.26. Helix Piercing; Circular Barbells; Helix Piercing Circular Barbells sold wholesale. The weights of the item are: Black Titanium Circular Barbells, Black Titanium CBBs, Black Titanium Horseshoes or whatever you call them. To find out the best internal diameter you .

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We found mainly balls or spikes at their ends. 16g Horse Shoe Barbell Circular Barbell Nose Hoop,Septum,Helix Bar Surgical Steel Body jewellery Lip Piercing Ad by PrettyPleaseGB Ad from shop PrettyPleaseGB PrettyPleaseGB From shop PrettyPleaseGB. We stock a large selection of body jewellery suitable for any piercing. Helix piercing is very attractive and we have the most gorgeous helix jewelry in the market. Page 1 of 1: 7 Items .

This classic circular barbell is made of 316L surgical steel and has classic spikes on both ends.

Often one of the beads is fixed, either via epoxy or welding, so that only one bead is used to install or remove the jewelry.Barbell threads are usually right-handed..

5pcs Horseshoe Nose Lip Ring Hoop Stainless Steel Tragus Helix Cartilage Circular Barbell Piercing Jewellery.

Regular price $ 2 . Whether you are shopping for a beautiful jewelled clawset gold piece, a classic ball closure ring or something really unique we have something that will satisfy all tastes.

20.99 20. It is located on the curve of the outer ear and is known as the "top ear" piercing. Circular Barbell with pineapple design Gold Plated Surgical Steel 316L/Gold Plated Brass $6.79. Tragus piercing. Helix; Edelstahl Material: 1.2mm; 3mm Stabstrke: Kugelgre: Innendurchmesser 8mm Ringes: des; 1 Paar Lieferung: JSDDE Piercing Edelstahl 10 Stck Set 16G Nasenpiercing Stecker Septum Hufeisen Ohr Tragus Ring Helix Knorpel stab Augenbrauen Lippen Krper Circular Barbell Piercing Schwarz 6mm-14mm. 16g, 8mm (5/16") internal diameter.